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Jeremy title sketch2 by ghostanimal Jeremy title sketch2 :iconghostanimal:ghostanimal 1 0 Jeremy's Title Card by ghostanimal Jeremy's Title Card :iconghostanimal:ghostanimal 1 0
The Thu'um Chapter 5
Danny stared at the map. After much examination, he groaned in annoyance when he realized that he pretty much nearly had to go back the way he came. He glanced up at the sky, noticing that it was slowly growing dark. It'd have to wait until morning, it would be dark before he reached Riverwood. He had no clue where he was going, and he did not want to discover the dangers that lurked in the night here.
He turned back towards the inner town. He remembered seeing an inn, and sure enough, it was right in front of him. Then, he paused.
"I don't have any gold," he remembered, murmuring aloud to himself. His stomach also rumbled a little.
Glancing around, he noticed that there were still market stalls open. He would never steal, but maybe if he talked to a few, explained he had no money, maybe they'd give him a piece of fruit that didn't sell or something.
"I'm glad I took your advice, Ysolda," a dark haired woman was telling a short-haired blonde. The blonde had a light blue dress and a bas
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All the Single Ladies Original Ending
Did not expect those responses.
This is still a oneshot. The story was meant to be open for interpretation because I legit support DannyxStar, DannyxSam, DannyxValerie (my favorite) and DannyxPaulina. I DID have more because when I first wrote this, I did have a certain pairing in mind. I cut it out when I decided that it'd be more fun to leave it open for interpretation.
But since a lot of people are just dying of curiosity, I will throw on the original ending.

"It's none of you," he revealed.
They all stared at him.
"Who is it then?" Paulina demanded to know, tears beginning to pour down her cheeks.
"It's Kayla...Kayla Reed."
"Who's she?" Star questioned further.
"I saw in the crowd one day, like I said," Danny reminded her, stepping backwards. He remembered that Mr. Lancer was there. "Can you like...not tell everybody about this."
"This one time, I will," he promised as he began to slip back into the studio. "After today though, when we catch you and Kayla
:iconghostanimal:ghostanimal 4 2
All the Single Ladies
"I'm so thankful that you could be with us here today, Mr. Phantom!" Lance Thunder chirped happily, giving the ghost boy a huge grin. "I really am. I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am that you're allowing me to have the exclusive first interview."
Danny Phantom smiled back weakly at him. He didn't want to do this. He couldn't stand the press. They always twisted his words around and made him look like an evil being.
But when Lance Thunder came up to him, begging for an interview, he couldn't resist the desperate plea in Mr. Thunder's exhausted eyes. The poor man was so overworked. He was just a weatherman, but always thrown onto on the scene reporting. Maybe if he gave him the interview, and if he insisted it was Lance he interviewed, he could help the guy out a little. At least maybe he'll get a bonus or something.
"It's no problem," Danny said a bit nervously. Lance seemed to understand his tensed body language.
"It should be fine, you can phase out anytime you'd like
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Winter Flowers
Phantom obviously stalks or follows me, she wrote. She shifted uncomfortably, leaning against the mop bucket in the janitor's closet, but continued to scribble in her journal/data book of Danny Phantom notes. I suspected as much, but it's confirmed. He knows my favorite flower and that Winter Formal's coming up. He also knows that when I'm in school, especially in a crowd at school, that it's impossible for me to change. I have to find a spot and then change, and the bathrooms are always full of girls during lunch. How else would he have known that this was the perfect way and place to humiliate me.
She frowned slightly, tapping her pencil against her lips, thinking about the conversation with Star. She was positive that she had told nobody else about it.
"So, you going with Kwan?" Valerie had asked. Star nodded.
"Yeah. You wanna go dress shopping this Saturday?" Star asked. She saw Valerie's uncomfortable look, and she added in a slightly hushed ton
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The Thu'um Chapter 4
Danny walked along the worn stone path. He often looked around him, in awe of the beauty of this place. At least Vlad's schemes landed him in a place with a wicked view for once instead of the creepy, cold darkness of the Ghost Zone.
The path had a river on his right and endless trees to the left before it finally let a vast landscape painted with mountains in the distance, roaming green that went on forever with the river cutting through it and an old city sitting in the middle, basking in the enchanting Skyrim land.
A few farmhouses were sitting on either side of the path as he walked down. A few people gave a second glance at him, probably because of his youth combined with his hair color. Danny continued his way up to the city gates. Two guards were standing in front of the gates, and as he approached, one walked up to him.
"Halt. City gates are closed to visitors with the dragons about," he informed Danny. Danny froze up.
"But I need to talk to the Jarl-guy!" Danny protested. "Thi
:iconghostanimal:ghostanimal 3 2
Live and Let Die Chapter 9
I slowly woke up to face a fire roaring strongly. My hand reached up and brushed my other arm's shoulder, and I noted that it was bare. I shifted to sit up but my side immediately had a sharp pain, instantly helping me feel a tad woozy. "The Listener is not fully healed, she should rest more before attempting to move!" a familiar voice scolded. I didn't answer, just closed my eyes and sighed heavily. "Is the Listener thirsty?"
I tried to croak no, but my throat was too dry and my voice cracked some. I felt a velvet glove pat my cheek and force me to lazily open my eyes. The jester was handing me a tankard. I took it and sloppily chugged it down, half-choking and spilling a good portion of it all over the fur blanket that was folded into a pillow.
"Does the Listener want more?"
I shook my head no and dramatically plopped onto the fur. I pulled the fur covering me up to my neck, rubbing my side were the source of my pain was, feeling heavy bandages all around my stomach and chest.
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One Lump or Two? by ghostanimal One Lump or Two? :iconghostanimal:ghostanimal 0 0
The Thu'um Chapter 3
Danny began a mad dash for the outside world, only to have Hadvar grab him by the back of his neck and pull him to the ground with him. He looked up to see the dragon flying away, giving a loud shriek as it flew for the mountains.
"Looks like it's gone...for now," Hadvar reported.
"Where should we go now?" Danny asked. Hadvar thought for a moment.
"I have an uncle in Riverwood, it's not that far from here," Hadvar said thoughtfully as he stood. Danny followed suit and they walked down the hills to a worn path that was placed next to a rushing river. Danny looked around as they walked down. This place, Skyrim, was absolutely beautiful. He could now kind of see why Sam was so obsessed with protecting the environment if it was really this beautiful. "I know that we just tried to kind of execute you, but I believe you really proved yourself back there. When you get the chance, you should head to Solitude and join the Imperial Legion. We could use soldiers like you."
"What exactly happened
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The Thu'um Chapter 2
"Do you believe that could really be a dragon? The end of all time?" the list-man wondered aloud as he rested his back on the closed door with closed eyes. After a moment, he stood up straight. "Here, let me cut those binds off. Then you can search in some of these chests, it should have some armor and clothing you can wear. You look pretty scrawny and young, but I don't think they'll be too loose or big on you. I'm Hadvar, by the way."
Hadvar cut the ropes on Danny's wrists, freeing him. Danny rubbed his wrists, where the rope had cut into his skin some. He finally noticed how he was in old rags, and not his DP suit. He opened a chest, and pulled out some of the equipment Hadvar had mentioned. After a quick glance to make sure Hadvar wasn't looking, he changed into the white shirt and brown pants before Hadvar helped him put on the leather armor. He tossed the sword at him, making Danny stumble and awkwardly hold it for a moment before he held onto it tightly in his right hand. He the
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The Thu'um
Danny held his head as he slowly gained consciousness. He looked around himself, blinking slowly as things slowly came into view. He was in an old-fashioned cart, being driven by a horse. He was in a cart with three other, two of which were arguing. Loudly.
"It's all your fault I'm here!" one of the ghosts were yelling at Plasmius, who had his mouth covered with a clothe and was bound with rope, just like him. "Your army is the reason I was caught."
Plasmius yelled a reply, which was muffled.
"You," the ghost that had been yelling at Plasmius was now looking at Danny. "You and I; we don't belong here. It's these Whitecloaks they want. You and I, we're innocent. We were just passing through, and the Imperial Legion just grabbed us along with them."
"Don't make yourself sound so innocent, horse thief," the fourth ghost spoke up hotly.
"If it hadn't been your damn army, I would have taken that horse to Hammerfell by now," he hissed.
"Where you from horse thief?" the previous asked.
"Why d
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Live and Let Die Chapter 8
Astrid's eyes narrowed before she had a relaxed expression. Smiling, she looked up from the paper. Her eyes were sparkling with delight.
"As most of you already know, we have plans to assassinate the Emperor. I've went through the letter and divided up the contracts. Festus, you and Veezara are going to a wedding. The Emperor's cousin, Victoria Vicci's to be exact. You two are to assassinate her, but to earn a little bonus, let's try to kill her during the ceremony. If you can, go ahead and take out her husband to be as well. You know, let the people know that the Dark Brotherhood is rising," Astrid began before handing Festus a paper. He opened it and Veezara looked over his shoulder. "Gabriella, you and Babette will pay a visit to Commander Maro's family. The letter states that he wants the son, Gaius Maro, dead and to plant a letter implicating him in the plot against the Emperor. Again, make it public. Let everybody know the Dark Brotherhood is back."
Gabs grinned as Babette took t
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Ghost 101 Chapter 13
"I was holding an ecto-gun," Mr. Simon finally broke the silence, holding up the hand-held weapon that was smoking his hand, half-hidden by his lap coat. "Powered by ecto-energy. What's your excuse?"
"I...we...uh...," Tucker stuttered as Sam blushed.
"Let me guess. You two are Danny's best friend sidekicks?" Mr. Simon asked, smiling slightly as he headed over towards Alex and Danny.
"Not sidekicks!" Sam immediately argued. "We just help him!"
"Sidekicks then," Mr. Simon said as he quickly stitched Danny up.
"Mr. Simon...we know you'll get like, lots of money and stuff if you tell people...but...," Tucker began.
"Please don't tell anyone!" Sam cried out.
"Relax," Mr. Simon said, rolling his eyes slightly as he quickly wiped off some spare blood from Danny's stomach. "I won't tell a soul."
"How long have you known exactly?" Tucker asked curiously. "I mean...what gave it away?"
"I've known Phantom was a halfa since he was first created," Mr. Simon said with a shrug. "Just didn't realize h
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Ghost 101 Chapter 12
"I understand you have a crush on him like all the other girls Sam, but this is a job for a professional. Now shoo," he said, pushing the stunned girl outside along with Tucker.
Mr. Simon locked the door behind her and sighed. Teen girls and their ghost boys. He glanced at the unconscious Danny on the table as he began to stir. He picked Danny up and put him over his shoulder before exiting through the second door on the other side of the room. Mr. Simon shifted Danny's position before going down the stairs and to his car. Fishing for his keys, he unlocked the car and put Danny in the backseat.
He sighed as he closed the door before slipping into the driver's seat. Turning on the car, he put it into drive before pulling out of the parking lot. Even though it's against the law, he flipped open his cell phone and dialed a number. As he hit send, he swerved out of the way of another car.
Sam almost burst into tears.
"Where is he!" she shrieked.
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Ghost 101 Chapter 11
"What did I do?" Danny immediately blurted out the second he came up to Mr. Simon's desk. He chuckled.
"Nothing. Here are the notes you missed, a worksheet. Have it turned in by tomorrow and I need your parents' phone number."
"What for?" Danny asked, clutching the papers in slight fear.
"I want to talk to them about a Ghost Zone field trip," Mr. Simon replied. "Your parents are the ghost hunters, right?"
"Yeah," Danny replied as he began to write down the phone number.
"I'm sorry," Mr. Simon commented.
"I am too most days," Danny admitted as he wrote the last number down.
"Thanks," Mr. Simon replied. "Now shoo. Go do something. Maybe take a nap."
Danny sat back down.
The next day the trio were once again in the Ghost Zone, headed towards the Ghostwriter's library. Once again, he refused to let them pass.
"No!" he barked.
"You let us in last time!" Sam protested.
"You had a letter from Midna asking me to let you in on her request!" Ghostwri
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